Sample Estimates

The Sample Estimates on this site represent a general overview of what Professionally written estimates should look like.  Some of the estimates are actually -- estimates and contracts as, when some of them were done, I was both their consultant and contractor.  Most of the estimates have numerous changes and most resulted in additional payment to the homeowner.  Please keep in mind that in these examples -- the original estimates were done during a very large Catastrophe event and it should be expected that there will be more mistakes due to volume and time restraints than you would normally see on a "daily" type estimate or claim where there is little or no volume. Also, please note that a lot of the changes were because additional damage, possibly not able to be seen at the first inspection, and it was discovered at a later time.  There were also several changes due to mis-identification of materials and or products – this is very common due to the fact that, many items my only be identified by the actual product information or by a person that specializes in a particular field.  No contractor or adjuster should be expected to know every product out there and/or the proper installation of them.  This is why when large volume events occur, there will always be issues to be correct when additional time to resolve them is possible.

Not every corrected estimate will be on the plus side – sometimes these estimates reflect overpayment(s) and by having a second person – third party -- review the estimate and go over it with the homeowner – a lot of issues are often resolved during a good review.


Sample Estimate No. Description
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1 Revised Large Loss Estimate
2 Revised Roof Estimate 1
3 Revised Large Loss Estimate 1
4 Revised Large Loss Estimate 2
5 Revised Sun Room Estimate
6 Revised Aluminum Roof & Misc. Estimate
7 Revised Aluminum Carport Estimate
8 Revised Roof Estimate 2
9 Revised Patio Cover Estimate
10 Estimate for Disputing Property Tax Value
11 Revised Roof Estimate 3
12 Revised Roof Estimate 4
13 Revised Large Loss Estimate 3