Serving with “Integrity and Fair Pricing” for over 40 years

W. S. (Butch) Bragg, owner of A-Select Services, has been serving Greater Houston and its surrounding areas since 1968 when he first “officially” started working in the Home Improvement industry. Since that time he has worked in almost every sector of the “Home” remodeling/renovation industry as well as numerous Commercial projects. We have been operating our “Home Improvement/Renovation and General Construction” under A-Select Services since 1979.  Prior to owning A-Select Services Butch was the owner of Air Vent Awning Company of Conroe and later worked for Texas Aluminum Industries in Houston. We have recently added the web site of “Thehomeownersfriend.com” to our services as a consulting entity of the business to provide additional services to our clients in the form of “professional estimate writing” and consulting services.  This new service has become available because, since 1994, Butch has been working in the Insurance Industry as an Adjuster, Catastrophe Storm Manager/Adjuster Trainer, Appraiser and Umpire while keeping the construction entity of the business at a “Part Time” level but still alive and well.  At this point in time, since 2008, A-Select Services is no longer “Part Time” but back to a full time operation mode.

We are also very well versed on the TDI Wind Storm requirements now being enforced in our areas by both the municipalities and TWIA Assoc.

Regarding Insurance Services, before you file an Insurance claim you may want to call Butch to for a review of your damages. Filing a claim may not be in your best interest.

Our Promise is to provide quality products, quality installations and exceed customer expectations

Services Offered

A-Select Services offers a “Limited” range of remodeling/renovation services – we may offer additional services in the future but due to the labor market being what it is today and our personal time limitations, we will only offer services we can properly supervise and still guarantee an level of quality control we/you can accept by meeting or exceeding your expectations.    We are not interested in a huge volume of work but client(s) who care about quality work and products at a fair price.  We pride ourselves on having a “Standard of Quality” we do not go below to make sure you the homeowner gets a quality product that will last, best fit your needs and budget – not what we make the most money on or what is best for us.  You buying a product from us is not as important as you getting the right product for your specific needs.

When you request a “Free” estimate from us -- you won’t get all the hype, price drops and “special today only deals” – just an honest quote you can count on.

Just like the old saying – There is no free lunch – is there really such a thing as “no interest for ??? years? I don’t think so — if you want interest free – you are going to pay too much!!!

Energy saving Replacement Windows and Doors

We Feature Quality Simonton Windows and Doors.  Simonton has been making windows for over 60 years, is a Fortune 500 Company and is traded on the NY Stock Exchange. J.D. Power and Associates ranks Simonton customer satisfaction “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Doors, Four Years in a Row. Tied in 2013.”

A-Select Services is a Simonton “ProNetwork” Contractor

There is nothing else you can change on your home that will do more to add – Comfort, Security, Beauty, Reduce outside noise, reduce dust and allergy particles, SAVE ENERGY all the while “Starting to pay for themselves’ from the day you install them”.

We also use Quality Doors made by Neuma, ThermaTru and Mastic – some of the biggest names in the industry.


We install only what we feel to be the finest quality and longest lasting products available. Our primary siding product is James Hardie fiber cement siding in all shapes and sizes available.  We also offer Some Wood and Vinyl siding products.

Contrary to the belief of most people – in regards to siding – the installation of the product is just as important -- if not more -- as the product itself.  If siding is not installed correctly the first time, by the time you know there is a problem it is usually too late to correct without issues.  A bad installation will/can also affect the warrantees on any product.  Our James Hardie siding is installed by a Certified James Hardie installer.

Patio Covers and Related Items

Please note, we do not offer a “low end” Patio Cover or Carport – this does not mean we only offer “really expensive covers” – it means we do not sell covers we would not want on our home, would not pass city inspection or HOA approval.  Covers today must be able to be “Wind Rated” in almost all cities in this area.

We feature Baked Enamel “Aluminum Structural Insulated Covers” or Aluminum “Pergola” Custom PATIO COVERS Purchased locally from Town & Country Supply -- Quality products from Quality people.   

Exterior House Painting

We offer exterior House painting using Quality Paints from Sherwin Williams.  Again, if it applies, we adhere to HOA guidelines regarding the choice of colors for your home.

Interior House Painting

We offer “Limited” interior House painting using Quality Paints from Sherwin Williams. We do interior house painting on a very limited basis when it is combined with other work at the same home.  We also offer drywall repair(s) connected to the interior paint process.

House Guttering

We offer Seamless Baked Enamel Aluminum guttering in both 5” and 6” Sizes.

Wood Fencing

We also offer wood fencing using 3 rail treated lumber, posts on 6 foot centers and cedar pickets.  We do not install treated wood pickets.  We also stain fences using Sherwin Williams products for staining.  


Roofing is only available in combination with other construction on a home.

Additional Remodeling Services

A-Select Services has access to numerous professional people for Drywall Repair, Carpet, Vinyl Flooring, Wood, Tile, Countertops, plumbing and many other trades related to the home Improvement Industry, however, we do this on a very limited basis and only in connection with other work that may overlap creating a need for these services.

Basic truths you should also know:

We do pull permits

We adhere to HOA guidelines but the homeowner is responsible for getting the approval. We will assist you in any way necessary.

We do get TDI inspections in the Wind Code counties

We use Sub-Contractors -- Contrary to what you will be told by sales people – who are as a rule sub-contractors themselves’ -- almost “ALL” contractors use “sub-contractors” --- that does not make all “subs” bad people but like every other business” occasionally you will get a bad one that’s why we “limit our business to what “We” can oversee and control” 

We are not perfect – we will also make mistakes – everyone will make “some” mistakes -- the difference with us is – because of constant supervision and quality people we are going to make less mistakes and when they do happen – take care of them immediately.